Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phantastic Philly

This blog is for you, Melissa :) Given that I had only spent 2 days in Philly prior to moving here, I was definitely left with a sense of uncertainty about adapting. I have heard such mixed opinions: "you are going to freeze," "ohhh, Philly" - accompanied by scornful look, "Philly is great, you'll love it"...yadda, yadda. So far, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. The people seem pretty cool. I mean, I haven't been flipped off yet or even honked at (well, maybe just once... but understandable given my driving adaptation from 25mph to 65mph limits). I thought one guy was flipping me off right when I arrived and got on the highway in my rental car, but then realized my lights weren't on and that's what the nice driver was telling me. As I commented before, the public buses were even nice. The best part of Philly so far was the avid use of the JumboTron at the Phillies stadium... I think they try to capture everybody. Of course, I was on it and was in shock... didn't even weave. But it was still awesome and I am secretly a little bit of a Phillies fan (Tim is going to hate seeing this). I checked into work and I really like it so far. I stayed for the noon lecture today and learned a lot already!I don't technically start until Aug 1, but I'm neurotic about scoping it out early as I greatly dislike the feeling of being utterly lost. It's inevitable with the size of this hospital. Random Stacy deviation... So, I was singing on the way to work. Oh yeah, it was to Katie Perry's "California Girls" and I was rocking it. I realized it was the first time I was singing out loud in a while. That's when I realized I am happy to be "back." The apartment is coming along. All 3 moving companies have delivered our goods. I received my car from Baltimore. Things are getting settled. Oh, wedding planning... things are coming along. Less than 3 months! It is coming fast and I cannot wait. I just hope I don't get so busy that the wedding planning falls behind. I just feel relief knowing we have the dress, the site, the food, the drinks, hotels, transportation, DJ, and photographer... all you need for a spectacular party! Goal for next blog...funnier. will see what I can do. Hoping to have more singing moments between now and then. Love to all!

Thought of the Day

There can be too much of a good thing. I think of GTMO with this realization. My personal perspective: It's a place that people brag about leaving while others never want to leave. Admittedly, I was one of those feeling the drive to leave. But I now realize why... it's not because it's a bad place (hey, daily diving possibilities, boating, fishing, beaches right around the corner, warm weather all the time, decent work hours most of the time) but because when reality is knocking you must go. Even a great vacation gets old after a while, right? You start stressing about things you need to do, getting back to making a living, etc. That said... I am excited about the crazy madness of the world right outside my door... I am feeling really happy! (Biting my tongue).